Commercial Photo Gallery

Red Ted Drewes sign on a white building

Ted Drewes Trusts SERVPRO

Ted Drewes Inc. has been selling frozen custard for over 80 years and Christmas trees for over 50 years. As an established business in St. Louis, we are proud to see them taking care of employees and customers by ensuring their space is properly sanitized. It was an honor to provide them a higher standard of clean through our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program. #SERVPROCleaned

Certified:SERVPRO Cleaned flyer

Sharpshooter Pit and Grill Cleaning

Thank you to Sharpshooter Pit and Grill and Southside Guns & Sharpshooters Range for having a higher standard of clean for your employees and customers! Contact our team to become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. (314) 638-7749

Employee using a HEPA air filter

Proactive Sanitation

Here we have an awesome employee helping to disinfect a work van from a local flooring company. Our team was able to provide the commercial structure with a proactive sanitation cleaning. If you business would like a disinfection service before it's doors open, call in the experts!

Employees posing with SERVPRO vehicles

Sanitize Your Space

Take preventative action with us. Stop the spread of germs with a professional cleaning. We have the resources to help you immediately.  

Wash hands, check! Avoid touching face, check! Clean and sanitize house, need help! Clean and sanitize office, call the professionals!

Air movers and air scrubbers on a concrete floor.

Commercial Restoration Services

Commercial Restoration Services can be timely and exhausting. That's why it's important to get it right the first time. Make sure you choose a company that you know and trust. We care for you. 

Green air movers on a carpet floor.

AT&T Restoration

We are always "faster to any size disaster." SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves had the pleasure of working with AT&T. Commercial restoration is an area that our team takes great pride in. We had AT&T's doors back open in no time!

Brown palate soaked in water.

Massive Water leak

But the thing is if the water damage is hidden at first and it sits for more than forty eight hours mold will begin to grow, creating even more problems for your property. Give us a call today! (314) 638-7749

Green SERVPRO truck outside of a large building.


Our green SERVPRO trucks are easy to spot! Don't ever hesitate to give our crew a call! We are here to serve twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. 

Hallway in a hotel with green air movers on the floor.

Air Movers

Hotel hallway suffered from water damage. Our team was on scene in no time! The green air movers help dry the rest of the floor after our restoration process. Give our crew a call today! 

Water damage cleanup in Affton, MO

SERVPRO was called to quickly respond to this water loss in the Affton area. Once on site our team began to remove all of the water and get it ready to be dried. Each day a member of our team was on site to track the progress of the job.

What to do if you have water damage in your business?

If you have water damage in your business, call SERVPRO immediately to get on site an assess the damages. Once our team is on site, they can begin to mitigate the damages and help get your business back to pre loss condition. 

Commercial Loss

SERVPRO of Affton / Webster Groves can respond to your commercial restoration emergency.  The team responded to this commercial water loss.  The team has cleaning techniques to extract the water and dry the area safe for reopen of our business. 

Hotel water damage in Entry Way

SERVPRO responded to this Hotel with water damage.  They extracted the water from the floor and started the drying process.  They are professionally trained to find the water and ensure the drying process is documented until back to normal. 

Shrewsberry Broken Pipe Means Flooding

This warehouse floor in Shrewsberry was covered with water. Luckily, it was clean water from the main, so the task was to suction up the pooling water and then set up air movers to increase air circulation and dehumidifiers to capture the water molecules from the air. No permanent damage to equipment, and back in production by the second afternoon.

Affton Chapel Flooding

The water line ruptured and dumped many gallons of water onto the carpeting in this small chapel. We used wet vacuums to remove the bulk of the water before positioning several dehumidifiers to extract the remaining moisture in the air.

Affton Commercial Water Problem

The sprinkler system malfunctioned long enough to wet the fitness center requiring water damage restoration. The mop up was not difficult because of the floor surfaces, but the humidity had to be removed to prevent secondary damage to the electronically controlled exercise equipment. Our dehumidifiers did the job, much to the relief of the proprietor.

Commercial Water Damage – Affton Office Building

Commercial water damage was sustained at this Affton office building when heavy storms coupled with a roof leak led to severe damage to the ceiling tiles. The photo shows pieces of tile all over the floor. SERVPRO was contracted to clean up the water and debris and replace the ceiling after the roof was repaired. If water damage impacts your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Affton / Webster Groves 24/7 at (314) 638-7749. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service.